Pesto Risotto

Staying the same is what makes us different.

While developing our wood-fired brick ovens, we uncovered some interesting facts. First, brick ovens are part of history, with models of wood-fired ovens dating back over 4,000 years. Second, brick ovens have proven to be a very popular cooking method for many different ancient and current cultures. Ancient Roman, Peruvian, Turkish and Spanish cultures were all pretty handy when it came to cooking in wood-fired ovens. And today, there are over 15 million brick ovens in use across Europe. But what we found most striking was, regardless of time or culture or location, all the ovens followed the same basic design rules.

Photo Credit: © 1999 Daniel Wing. All rights reserved.


Pesto Risotto

Chicago Brick Oven — modern technology with original design.

In combining the simple, time-tested rules with modern technology, we have created an oven for entertaining in today’s outdoor lifestyle. A Chicago Brick Oven wood burning brick oven is a long-lasting cooking appliance, true to original designs, that cooks more types of food, with more flavor, than any grill, traditional oven or imitation wood-fired oven in the world.

To understand what makes our ovens different and help you decide what oven is right for you, we would recommend you consider the three areas listed below that we think are important in creating a focal point for your outdoor experience and a wood-fired oven that makes all of your best recipes, better.


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